Saturday, April 18, 2015


Kupunguzwa kabila langu nywele kila mwaka.

"Once a year, my African friend told me. My tribe cuts hair once a year. Scruffy fellow, seemed sincere, and the yearly haircut thing seemed like an interesting cultural element. I joined them in the once yearly hair cutting thing, and looked scruffy for awhile before I found out he was talking about sheep hair. Sheep shearing. My Swahili leaves a lot to be desired." stupid joke, of course

Understanding another culture can be a challenge, like discovering what's really happening in the communities you might visit, and it's even more difficult to understand what's needed and what works as a solution.  
World Vision tops the list of world-changers and help-bringers.  They invest years in the community, learning and helping where it's needed. The Salvation Army is also among the most effective crisis-assistance organizations.  Do the research.  The large-scale, top-down development programs often fall short of the intended goals. Community-based efforts like the WV model are well managed and continually refined to meet the need and make a way forward.
We're connected to some effective aid organizations in eastern and western Africa if you'd like an introduction. Drop us a note.