Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You don't have to wait for the world to change

Give her a chance to live it for real!

This young lady lives in one of the smallest countries in Africa.  In her world, education is the way up from subsistence living. 

She's one of a gaggle of kids we've known for a few years; like most in the country, her family struggles with just keeping the kids fed. Around 30% are undernourished. Girls have a harder time staying in school because of the cost; families often must choose which of their children will go. The cost isn't much, and a little help goes a long way here. We have a strong NGO that manages our assistance efforts.

When you're a kid, as long as you're fed and housed, you're pretty much happy with life. It's what comes a decade down the road that you have to prepare for, though. Without an education, you'll be struggling to survive, worrying about how to feed your kids, trapped in the locked down world of poverty.