Thursday, September 27, 2012

Asking for Help

In the Kenyan coastal region, the rainy season has failed again.   They're asking us if we can help.

Folks in the village of Guruguru are struggling.  The crops have failed, the only water to drink is brackish, and the teachers went on strike.  With the schools closed, those children who depended on that one meal a day go hungry.

Today, the teacher strike is finally over, but government food aid hasn't been available for the last two months.  Meals at school will be rice, perhaps, or cornmeal.

Our friend on site is Bishop Samuel Kazungu.  He visited the village (left) and took some juice for our kids. He found 5 more who hadn't eaten recently and who couldn't afford the school fees.  We've added them to our little project.

We know Bishop Samuel and his church well, and we appreciate their willingness to help their neighbors.  When I was working in the area, I visited the village with Samuel.  Nice folks living in a harsh world.

A government water line project will bring the area back to life, they hope, but the project is still months away from completion.  Meanwhile, they need help.  We can't do it all, but we have direct access to 40+ children and their families.  We can get the kids in school with the required uniforms and supplies, and they'll get that one meal a day.  For many, it's all they'll get.  If we can raise additional funds, we can assist the families with bags of rice and perhaps some juice products that are available in a nearby town.

This is my buddy Wakil.  When we arrived last year with some treats for the families, our sponsored kids (37 of them then) came out from school to meet us and say thank you.  We'd paid their fees and bought them uniforms and supplies.  Wakili outran them all coming to meet me; he wanted to be first.  Sweet fellow.

This year, they need help badly.  Call, email, or Facebook message to me if you'd like to help.

You can transfer funds via Western Union directly to the church (or I will for you and I'll pay the fees.)

The church will provide a report (and maybe pictures) of the funds being put to practical use.
Tax deductible contributions must go through Our Father's House marked for Kenya.

My friend Wakil; a bit taller
now, more than a year later.
Update Dec '12:  We took food and water to the village and followed up with some specific assistance for families.  Much appreciated.

Update Oct '13:  With the new school year, we have 50 children sponsored in school now, three teachers employed and added to the school staff, plus some family assistance efforts.  More to come.