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TexasEx.Org is a non-profit organization; we do not accept contributions.   TexasEx.Org provides administration services, material, and funding for developmental and assistance projects in East and West Africa.  Our support is provided without charge.
Participating contributions through our partner organizations are tax deductible and are deeply appreciated.  100% of those contributions go to the field. Administrative costs are funded separately.

Current and active projects.  Recipients do the work and own the results; we carefully supply the means along with encouragement and accountability.

1.  Sao Tome & Principe Education and Family Assistance:  Donations support children and their families in Sao Tome & Principe, West Africa. Work is coordinated through STEP UP, an in-country NGO whose staff we know personally. It's a poor country with little employment for the uneducated. It's tough for families to cover the cost of school. Girls often get left behind when families have to choose which of their kids get to go to school.
We provide uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and in-home tutoring. We provide simple business training, health education, and food assistance for the families. The target is quality education for the kids first, but recognizes family circumstances and needs as well.  Family projects so far have included:
  • We helped a family buy the house they were renting; saved being evicted.
  • Helped finance two home renovations; provided materials for roofing, flooring, walls.
  • Provided materials for piping water to a rural home; the recipient did all the coordination for approvals plus all the labor.  In June they beamed as they showed off the water spigot in their yard.  No more trips to the river for water and laundry.
  • Start-up funds for a breeding pair of pigs, successful first generation.
  • A father lost his arm and his job in a traffic accident; he was a taxi driver in a accident-rich region.  The family was destitute and with few resources besides a small plot of land.  Over 3 years, we provided med assistance, material costs for dwelling repairs (walls and a floor), seed money for the garden and a breeding pair of pigs.  They're doing well this year, and the kids are in school doing well also.
  • Jan '14: A grandmother lost her husband, brother, and oldest son in a short period, along with her means of supportWe're augmenting her income while the family recovers and a couple of the younger members become wage earners.
School renovation projects:  Almas Elementary School - complete.  We managed to get embassy attention for this one and assisted the principal with coordination; the Navy SeaBees did the work, providing functioning bathrooms, running water, glass in the windows, and electricity for the classrooms.  Praia Francesa Elementary School - underway in 2012 with 500+ students and similar facility needs.  Water and toilets are in, food storage is in, glass and electrical are in the plan as are food supplements and school supplies.
2.  Sao Tome & Principe:  Basic Ed.  Beginning the summer of 2013, we'll begin providing basic tuition and fees, uniforms and shoes, so kids that otherwise could not attend are enabled to do so.  On a 5-year plan, the first group of 35 children began school in the fall semester, '13, thanks to a generous business owner here.  We'll add another 20 or so AUG '14.  Aiming at 100. 

3.  Sao Tome & Principe: Preschool and community center.  2017 complete!
4.  Sao Tome & Principe: Community center for the elderly.  Beginning in '14.
5. Kenya Education and Family Assistance:  Donations support education, micro-finance, and micro-med projects in Mombasa and the surrounding area. 

Education:  2012/13 school year.  We have relationship connections to families in Guruguru and Miritini with a total of 37 children on scholarship.  That covers tuition and fees, uniforms and materials, and gets them a meal mid-day on school days.  The meal is important right now, and is often the only meal they get.  For now, funds are managed through the church with which we're associated.  It has a board of directors, accountability and transparency.  The bishop is a dear and trusted friend.  We're on the ground routinely to oversee the efforts and gauge the outcomes.  Continuation is based on diligence and performance.
Micro-finance:  Through our church and community connections, we have regular opportunity to support several small, targeted development or assistance efforts.  Recently ...
  • Home kiosk for resale of vegetables, maize meal, and dried fish. Built and stocked for about $100. Doing well when we visited in June '12. Reports APR '13 say they continue to operate successfully.
  • Chickens, purchased. Coop framework is being built from scrounged materials and gift funds. May '12 (complete and doing well). APR 13, chickens everywhere! :) A good success.
  • Widowed grandmother supporting her abandoned granddaughters; assisted with a small kiosk start-up for reselling vegetables. Successful, and she's asked for help to expand a bit to include cooked maize meal and fish. March '12
  • The extended family's 6 children are in school; we subsidize the costs as needed to make sure they get to stay in school. Oct '11, one of the older boys was out of school on a school day. He reluctantly explained to me that his uniform was 'done' (worn out) and he wouldn't be allowed to attend until he got a new one. Resolved two days later with just a little help from stateside. APR '13; John has finished HS and is on his way to a 2-year college. We'll cover most of the costs to make sure he can complete the curriculum. OCT '17. Doing well, other issues addressed along the way.
  • Anna has TB and begged for help with the costs for medications.
First, we had to deal with her father who was spending family finances on illicit drugs, then we bought her drug protocol with pretty tight reins on the follow up. May '11. Four months into the 6-month routine, she is dramatically improved. Weight has returned as has skin tone, color, and energy level. Oct '11. Doing well, '12.
  • Anderson has malaria; we're monitoring his progress and care. He was back in the hospital with a flare up in NOV '11, but medication has it under control. His mom is a paraplegic whom we watch over as well. Apr '14, he doing well, just turned 6 recently. Apr '16, he's doing great in school.

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